Akafumba: Kambwili Can Now Lead PF, Let Him Stay Away From NDC


NATIONAL Democratic Congress interim leader Josephs Akafumba says Chishimba Kambwili has a chance to lead the Patriotic Front following Edgar Lungu’s revelations that he intends to step down as PF president.

Akafumba has advised former NDC leader Kambwili and his agents to stay away from the party and instead concentrate on heading the PF.

Addressing the media after attending a service at United Church of Zambia All Saints Congregation in Chainda, Lungu said he would not be available for the 2026 general elections and would soon retire from active politics.

“The PF should now rebrand itself with new leadership,” the former president said. “When the right time comes, we will announce the new PF president and I will take leave. I have run my race, let me rest.”

Kambwili, who has been sued by NDC secretary general Bridget Atanga for masquerading as party leader, abandoned his quest to succeed Akafumba and in a surprise move joined PF. He further appointed Saboi Imboela as Akafumba’s replacement.

Akafumba, leader of the NDC faction which is part the UPND Alliance that defeated the PF in elections this month, said Lungu’s statement had opened the door for Kambwili to finally actualize a long-held dream of heading the PF.

“Now Kambwili atekin’ge over asende na Saboi baleya. There is political sanity in NDC now, umungulu twakana,” Akafumba said.

He said Kambwili has been eyeing the PF presidency since party founder Michael Sata died in 2014.

Therefore, Akafumba said, Kambwili should cease his attempts to destabilize the NDC and rebrand himself and the PF since both had lost the people’s confidence and admiration.

“He can now head the PF but note that both PF and Kambwili have one thing in common, they are both finished products politically,” said Akafumba. “But I wish him luck as he embarks on this journey pantu PF yalisulwa and will never rise …. Which normal person would listen to him and above all want to join PF which is as finished as soap left in water?”



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