DP Veep Proposals De-Registration OF PF

Judith Kabemba

Democratic Party Vice President Judith Kabemba says PF officials must be made to account for their wrong doings while in government.

In a Facebook posting Ms Kabemba states that when that time comes, no one should complain that its political persecution.

She describes most PF members as criminals trying to hide under the veil of an opposition political party to avoid prosecution.

She wrote….

I wish there was a way for the Registrar Of Societies to deregister and delete PF completely in the records of Zambia. I foresee
Criminals wanting to regroup and hide in the name of opposition political party so that when they are called to answer criminal charges they will cry foul saying it’s political persecution.

Takuli you are gone gonna gonest. In Zambia once a ruling party looses that’s it, especially if the leaders betrayed the people that trusted them to rule.


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