I am not Jesus to be in Two Places at the Same Time – GBM


I AM not like the son of God who can be in two places at a particular time; I can’t be in Kasama and Lusaka at the same time, says Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Rebutting claims that he attempted to manipulate results for mayoral elections in Lusaka at Matero Community Hall, Mwamba told the Dominic Makalicha-led tribunal for local government elections that Phenias Kazonga, a presiding officer wanted to soil his name politically by alleging that he asked him to sneak in 8,000 pre-marked ballots in favour of Chilando Chitangala, the PF mayoral candidate, at Matero Community Hall polling station.

This is in a matter where losing UPND mayoral candidate Victor Nyasulu has petitioned Chitangala’s election victory.

Mwamba, who is Chitangala’s defence witness, told the tribunal that on the material date, he was in Kasama to cast his vote, together with his family.

He said the black Range Rover which he is said to have accupied when allegedly committing the electoral fraud at Matero Community Hall on August 11, 2021 was at Alliance Motors garage after it was towed there on August 4, 2021 for servicing and was released on August 23, 2021.

He said his Mercedes Benz was equally towed to Southern Cross Motors at K1,700.

Mwamba availed the tribunal a quotation for the Range Rover from Alliance Motors which indicated K29,954.72 as the cost of repairs.

He asked the tribunal to deal with Kazongo for tarnishing his name on false allegations as he was likely to implicate others in future.

“Some people especially through the media will believe that I met him (Kazonga) and enticed him with pre-marked ballots. Let justice prevail and let the truth be known to the world,” prayed Mwamba.

In cross-examination by Nyasulu’s lawyers Laston Mwanabo and Cheelo Mwiinga, the defense witness denied knowing Matero Constituency chairman Lee Mukupa whom Kazonga accused of introducing him to Mwamba.

He confirmed that he was infuriated with the stories published by various media houses that he engaged in vote rigging because the same was false.

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