Kampyongo Asks Lungu To Appoint PF President Soonest

Stephen Kampyongo

Former Home Affairs Minister, Stephen Kampyongo says the PF loss in the general election is a lesson for the party to pick up the broken pieces to become formidable.

Mr. Kampyongo who is among 59 elected PF members of Parliament says the party is picking up the broken pieces ahead of future elections.

Speaking shortly after being sworn in as MP for Shiwangandu Constituency, Mr. Kampyongo has urged Party President Edgar Lungu to facilitate a smooth transition for the party to identify a new leader.

Stephen Kampyongo

And some PF Members of Parliament such as Chilubi’s Mulenga Fube and Mafinga’s Robert Chabinga have pledged to work with the ruling UPND Party.

Meanwhile, 83 Members of Parliament have taken oath of office.


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