Lusambo: Its Risky to Trust UPND

Lungu Edgar and Bowman Lusambo
Former President Lungu Edgar and Bowman Lusambo

BOWMAN Lusambo says trusting the new dawn government is like trusting a witch.

In an interview to review the year, Lusambo charged that trusting the UPND government was like trusting a thief that tells you ‘don’t lock the door at night, you are safe’.

Lusamba has since warned Zambians to be ready for more challenges next year.

“We want to warn our people that they should be ready to face many more difficult challenges because the current government has no capacity to solve the challenges the people of Zambia are facing. They have come to send our people in abject poverty. So 2021 has been a very difficult year for all of us as Zambians,” he said. “We can’t trust this government. Trusting this government is like trusting a witch or trusting a thief who will be telling you ‘don’t lock the door, the place is safe’, without knowing that in the night it’s the same person who is going to steal from you. So, trusting this government is risking ourselves. We have life and we are not going to listen to them; and what we are going to do is to wait for 2026. But if President Hakainde Hichilema had integrity, loved the people of Zambia, he would have said ‘I am resigning as a president because I lied to the people of Zambia’.”

Lusambo said the biggest mistake Zambians made this year was to give governance of the country to what he termed learners.

He also criticised the government’s new relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“And the biggest mistake we made as Zambians is to give the governance of this country to learners, which is very dangerous to all of us. And that’s how I can describe 2021. It is a year that was characterised with a lot of challenges. The best way Zambians can approach the year 2022 is to accept that they have made a mistake by giving government to learners and these learners won’t do anything to change the status quo,” said Lusambo. “It will just be from worse to worse. There is no government which can stand and say we are going to develop the country based on IMF. You can’t achieve anything from IMF. The way we suffered when IMF came into Zambia it will be triple this time around. This is not the first time we are having IMF. It came and left a lot of misery to the people of Zambia. And it has come, and we want to tell our people that the mistake has already been made and let’s just put everything in God’s hands.”


  1. Why would people listen to Lusambo, a known looter & thief who belongs to a party of thieves who stole people’s resources?


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