M’membe: Punish Politicians Who Make False Promises

Fred Mmembe

FRED M’membe has reminded society to check on politicians who make false promises and tell lies.

The Socialist Party president says such politicians should in fact be punished by the people.

“We as a society need to understand that when we don’t punish politicians promising us heaven when they know very well they can’t even deliver purgatory, we increase the probability they will make false promises, lie again,” he said in a Facebook posting. “When politicians faced no consequences for dishonesty, their falsehoods tended to get even more sensational. If we give politicians multiple opportunities to lie for their own benefit, they start with little lies and get bigger and bigger over time. They would rather win elections with false promises, lies than lose with their truth.”

He added: “One thing wrong with false promises, lying in our politics is that it can be manipulative.”

Dr M’membe said lying in politics could be a form of manipulation.

He called on society to understand how a politician promising could also deliver.

“And we know that the more a politician makes false promises, lies, the easier it gets, and the more likely they will do it again. But the dangerous thing about false promises, lying is people don’t understand how the act changes us,” said Dr M’membe. “…but for some politicians, false promises, lying get limited as they develop a sense of morality and the ability to self-regulate. Politicians are less likely to make false promises, lie when they have moral reminders or when they think they are being closely and critically watched.”


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