Musician Pilato Says Zambians Want Answers On Crimes Committed By PF

Pilato in Police calfs

Musician Fumba Chama alias Pilato has called on republican President Hakainde Hichilema to providw answers to the Zambian people on the many crimes the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) party committed during its 10years in power.

Pilato says there is need for Zambians to get answers on who owns the 48 houses as well as the issue of expired drugs which the Ministry of Health purchased for Zambians.
Fumba alias Pilato writes;
“We will demand that Mr. Lungu’s immunity is lifted so that we can hear from him how to grow K2.8 million to K28m within 16 months.
How we lost drugs worth millions of HIV/AIDS test kids and ARVs from the Global Health Fund. The $288,000 each per ambulance, the procurement of expired and defective condoms, the fire trucks, the gassing etc. These crimes were committed against the people and the people need answers. We are waiting”


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