NDC ‘Restores’ Musenge as SG

Mwenya Musenge

THE National Democratic Congress led by Josephs Akafumba has restored Mwenya Musenge as its secretary general.

Addressing the Press after the office bearers meeting held at Four
Pillars Lodge in Lusaka, Akafumba said regardless of Musenge’s
purported expulsion from the party, he remained on the list of office-bearers of NDC.

Akafumba therefore said his return to the party automatically reestablished him as secretary general.

“Our first item on our agenda through you to the nation was that we welcome Mr Mwenya Musenge who is no stranger to the NDC. He was in fact the founding member of the NDC and registered as secretary general. He is the one who recruited me to the party, we also acknowledge the fact that we had legal challenges between Mwenya Musenge and ourselves which led to a purported expulsion of Mr Musenge and thereafter Mr Musenge went ahead to form his own political party. But through this political journey he remained a registered secretary
general of the NDC,” Akafumba said.

He recalled that attempts were made to have Musenge removed as a registered secretary general of the party but the act did not sit well with the Registrar of Societies hence his name was maintained on the list of office bearers up to this day.

Akafumba stated that owing to this, Musenge remains the legitimate Secretary General of NDC.

“It’s like title deeds to land, you cannot argue that … ‘I have
squatted on this land for so many years therefore I am the owner of the land’ when the owner comes and produces title deeds to the land. So for the doubting thomases and those who are in research, if you go today to the Registrar of Societies you will find the name Mwenya Musenge as a registered office bearer and holding the position of Secretary General,” he said.

Akafumba further said since Musenge decided to rejoin the NDC and was welcomed, the party had no problem not to restore him because he was never removed but merely acknowledging him as the secretary general as deposited at the Registrar of Societies.

“I will also quickly mention my brother Steven Chewe who went to the Socialist Party, he is here with us; he was also registered as an office bearer…we are not restoring him as an office bearer because he has been an office bearer all along, we are merely also acknowledging him and such and member of the party,” he said.

Akafumba added that it was categorical that the two party factions must come to an end because the other ‘team’ cannot be allowed to masquerade as members and its purported leader as president.

“That should not be allowed; even you members of the press should be asking these people where they draw strength and mandate to call herself as president. If they say I draw my strength from the meeting that was called in Luanshya, tell them that you are bluffing because when you did that, there was already an injunction in place,” he said.

Further, Akafumba revealed to the nation that a meeting called by
Chishimba Kambwili’s nephew Charles Kambwita held on March 19, 2021 purporting to expel him and Bridget Atanga was fictitious.

He noted that Kabwita had no powers to call for such a
meeting as he was too subordinate.

He said the minutes from that meeting held on March 19 which were submitted to the Registrar of Societies in their quest to change office bearers indicated that five people attended including Victor Mwangaila when in fact not.

“It’s with great shame and pain how individuals can go to lengths to lie. It has come our attention that one members listed on the
attendees did not attend the meeting and that amounts to forgery… The Registrar of Societies saw through their schemes and called me that, ‘how can junior officers call a meeting to remove you’,” he said.

Further, Akafumba said those that deliberately chose not to attend the meeting of office bearers will be removed from the list.

“They now belong to the annals of history for two reasons; reason
number one for deliberately stating away without an reason or apology for failing to attend this very important meeting and secondly for having connived and forged – this now borders on criminality – forged the attendance of one Victor Mwangaila,” said Akafumba.

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