PF Panics, Claims UPND Wants to Extinct Party

Brian Mundubile

FORMER PF chief whip Brian Mundubile says the former ruling party is concerned with the approach the UPND is taking by petitioning parliamentary seats.

In an interview, Mundubile said attempts to “obliterate” the opposition raises suspicion on what the ruling UPND wants to do.

“When you look at our democracy, our democracy has evolved especially from 1991 when the Zambians decided to go against the one party state and go for the multiparty democracy. And we all cherished that transformation where we are now all free to participate in elections under different parties as it were,” he said. “We are however concerned at the approach the UPND is taking, of wanting to petition or petitioning almost every seat on the other side.”

Mundubile said the attempt to obliterate the opposition is a dangerous path that the UPND wants to take and must be condemned by all.

“Now, as a lawyer, I am cognizant of the fact that a losing candidate has the right to petition but at the same time these losing candidates are coming from a political party that should ordinarily espouse the idea of a multiparty democracy,” he said. “So we think that the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema in particular have to make that effort to ensure that democracy continues to thrive.”

He further said individual members have a right to petition but needed to be guided.


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