PF Youths Demand For Mwila’s Resignation As SG

Davies Mwila alias Mr Six Points

OPPOSITION Patriotic Front (PF) youths have demanded for the immediate resignation of the Partys Secretary General Davis Mwila, Kachepa360 understands.

In a statement obtained by Kachepa360, the youths write;
We have reviewed and noted with painful displeasure, the contents of the minute circulated by the SG; Mr Davis Mwila, notifying the public of what happened at today’s meeting of the central committee.

It has come as a shock to us that the organ of our party that lamentably failed and betrayed us as a collective, can in one afternoons sitting, digest the plethora of issues and failures of the last 5 years as well as the failures of last week’s general election.

It is shocking that one afternoons meeting can culminate into a way forward complete with personnel changes as an answer to the many complex issues that needed to be unravelled.

As patriotic and loyal youths and youthful members and leaders of the Patriotic Front Party, we have communicated to some members of the Central Committee of our on going consultations amongst and within ourselves and did not expect the leadership of the party to keep on with an attitude of entitlement and pride even after our dismal and embarrassing performance in the last general election.

Davis Mwila speaks as Mumbi Phiri looks on

We expected a broad consultative and inclusive process within the party before any major decisions could be made.

From the communication referenced to, it is clear that the leadership of our party the Patriotic Front is not alive to the fact that their departure from public service to personal service using publicly bestowed authority and influence has ushered in a new political and governance era.

It is clear that the leadership of our party do not realize that without a near complete overhaul on all fronts; they and not the many well meaning members of the PF are hammering the last nails onto our very own coffin.

We the members of the Patriotic Front refuse to be insulted and disregarded by the leadership of our party as evidenced by the resolution of today’s Central Committee meeting.

We therefore ask that the central committee reconsider the resolutions of today until a broader and more inclusive consultative process has been concluded. *Today’s Central Committee meeting was simply a case of the people who failed over a period of 5 years, meeting to make excuses for themselves and purporting to have an understanding of what went wrong and claiming to have a way forward.

We would therefore like to put it accross to our leaders that we know that no well-meaning review would last half a day and that we certainly do not trust and believe that the current central committee has the unity of purpose to usher in an era of fair, inclusive and clean politics of ideas as demanded by the people of Zambia on 12/08/21.

As we continue to work together in keeping our millions of members from abandoning the Boat, we humbly ask the central committee to act in good faith forthwith!

Our respect, patience and resilience must and should not be construed as an acceptance of their failure nor as a failure to incite a mass Exodus from the party.

We remain committed to the potential of the PF family only because of the so many people who believed and deserve better than the embarrassment of the recent past.

It must further be stressed that to continue having Mr. Davis Mwila as the officer to issue statements on our behalf as a party is something we find extremely insensitive and disrespectful to the general membership.

We remain committed to a process of review and mutual dialogue within a reasonable timeframe wish to underline that the current central committee has no moral right to unilaterally chart a way forward for all those that still believe in the spirit of the Patriotic Front Party.

We ask for dignity, honor a reasonable sense of remorse to be apparent in the conduct of the leadership of the Patriotic Front.

Issued By;

//The Rebirth Committee of Patriotic Front Family


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