Post Newspaper Resurrected After landmark Court Decision


In a judgment delivered today, the 17th February 2022, the Supreme Court of Zambia has made the following land mark decision:

“For the avoidance of doubt, we hold that the actions of the liquidator prior to and post the purported liquidation of the Post Newspapers Limited, are of no legal effect whatsoever”

The sale of the Post assets and everything done by the liquidator is of no legal effect whatsoever. What goes around does certainly come around.

The Post was an independent Zambian newspaper. It was one of the three primary newspapers of the country. The newspaper was set up in 1991.

The Sunday edition of the post newspaper was called the Sunday Post and contained a special section focusing on education called Educational Post.
The Post was seen to be the most popular and biggest selling newspaper in Zambia according to BBC.
The newspaper was closed in 2016 for failure to settle tax obligations in what has been described as a politically motivated move over the paper’s frequent criticism of the government.


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