Lungu Releases Mathew Mohan, 59 Others From Prison

Deathrow Inmate Mathew Mohan

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has released convicted killer Mathew Mohan after only serving 11 years in prison.

Mohan abducted and tortured a business associate for 2 days before finally killing him.
Mathew Mohan was/is a deathrow inmate who was convicted in 2013 for the 2009 murder of Sajjid Itowala, his business rival.
Instead of being bitter for being on death row, Mohan a staunch Catholic, has reformed and wants to help the Zambia Correctional Service reduce its expenses on food for inmates.

Edgar Lungu
Through his idea, offices and a lecture theater have been built to help manage the MAPP Project.
“One day I sat in my cell in the Condemn Section and I saw a little bird fly in and feed its chicks. I told myself, if this little bird can find freedom in this jail, then I can also find something worthwhile to do,” said Mohan, a Zambian national of Indian descent.
Mohan was Lungu’s campaign manager at Mukobeko prison where prisoners were allowed to vote.


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