‘Queen’ B Yakumbuyo Says President HH Supports ‘S/His’ Human Rights

Ben Lombe alias Queen B Yakumbuyo

LUSAKA Hair Stylist BEN Lombe alias Queen B Yakumbuyo says he drives the inspiration from Republican President Hakainde Hichilema’s free will of respecting human rights, Kachepa360 understands.

Queen B Yakumbuyo alleges that “Republican President Hakainde in his inaugural speech emphasized on the need for every Zambian to respect everyone’s human right as individuals.”

BUT Lombe has accused his critics of being jealous of him because “he baths alias alasamba saana”.

President Hakainde Hichilema

Queen B Yakumbuyo has raised concern from the members of the public on his antics of being female and yet he is male. Most Zambians of moral decency have questioned what role modelling Ben will encapsulate to the younger ones who seek inspiration from elderly persons.
Queen B Yakumbuyo

Zambia is a Christian nation and does not condone gay rights.


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