Zambian Prisoners Vote for the First Time


Zambia has actualized the right to vote for persons in lawful custody following the landmark constitutional court judgment of 2017.

The country has joined other African countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria where prisoners are allowed to vote.

At Chipata correctional facility polling station 1 and 2 in Eastern Province 171 people in lawful custody had cast their vote by 10:15hrs.

The correctional facility has a total of 529 registered voters 498 males and 31 females.

The polling stations opened at exactly 06hrs.

This is the first time people in lawful custody are voting in Zambia to achieve universal suffrage which refers to the right of adult citizens to vote.

In 2017 the Constitutional Court ruled that prisoners should be allowed to vote.

Zambian Prisoners queue in readiness to vote
Petitioners had argued that the continued denial of the right to vote for persons awaiting trial whilst in custody was contrary to the presumption of innocence.



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