‘Bulldozer’ Lusambo Abandons 3 Children Outside Wedlock

Bowman with his daughter

FORMER Lusaka province minister Bowman Lusambo has been accused of
neglecting three children he fathered with his girlfriend named Matongo Mercy Cowham of Kabushi constituency in Ndola.

The 24 year old woman has also challenged Mr. Lusambo to a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test that will be availed to the public if he insisted he was not responsible.

Ms Cowham explained that she met Mr. Lusambo at Shoprite in Ndola in 2014 and fell pregnant for him the following year and that her second child with him is 3, while the third is 1 year 9 months old, all whom are female.

Bowman Lusambo

She says her three children also deserve to be taken care of the same way his other children were being taken care of and that they also had the right to education and other social amenities especially that their father was a politician and a lawmaker.

When contacted for a comment, the Kabushi Member of Parliament’s phone went unanswered by press time.


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