Kojic Ambassador Milly Booed At HH Victory Speech

Miriam Kaziya with her Ben10 husband

FORMER Black Individual (FBI) Lusaka business woman Mirriam Kaziya alias Milly Beauty was on Monday afternoon embarrassed when she attempted to ask a question to President elect Hakainde Hichilema when she wasnt and masqueraded as a media house, Kachepa360 understands.

In seeking the attention she always craves for, she kept saying ‘…but we are a media house’ before she got brushed off and eventually ignored.
Her:my name is Aunt Milly from Milly beauty products
Him: iwe it’s not a media house
Her:imwe it’s a media house

Miriam Kaziya alias Aunt Milly
Milly runs a cosmetic lightening lotion business in Lusaka that aims at turning low self esteem individuals into light skinned individuals.


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